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HDLC Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int GetData (void *pBuf, PINDEX count)
void GetHdlcStart (BOOL sync)
int getLastChar ()
PINDEX getRawCount ()
void GetRawStart (PINDEX flags=0)
BOOL isFcsOK ()
void PutHdlcData (DataStream *_inData)
void PutRawData (DataStream *_inData)
void resetRawCount ()

Private Types

enum  { stEof, stSync, stSkipFlags, stData }

Private Member Functions

int GetHdlcData (void *pBuf, PINDEX count)
int GetInData (void *pBuf, PINDEX count)
int GetRawData (void *pBuf, PINDEX count)
void pack (const void *pBuf, PINDEX count, BOOL flag=FALSE)
BOOL skipFlag (BYTE b)
BOOL sync (BYTE b)
BOOL unpack (BYTE b)

Private Attributes

FCS fcs
DWORD hdlcChunk
int hdlcChunkLen
enum HDLC:: { ... }  hdlcState
int inDataType
int lastChar
DataStream outData
int outDataType
BYTE rawByte
int rawByteLen
PINDEX rawCount
int rawOnes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file hdlc.h.

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