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PseudoModemBody Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

BOOL Attach (T38Engine *t38engine) const
BOOL CheckRoute (const PString &number) const
void Detach (T38Engine *t38engine) const
const PNotifier & GetCallbackEndPoint () const
virtual BOOL IsReady () const
BOOL Request (PStringToString &request) const
 PseudoModemBody (const PString &_route, const PNotifier &_callbackEndPoint)
 ~PseudoModemBody ()
PBYTEArray * FromInPtyQ ()
void ToOutPtyQ (const void *buf, PINDEX count)
const PString & ptyName () const
const PString & modemToken () const
BOOL IsValid () const
void SignalDataReady ()
void SignalChildStop ()
virtual void SignalStop ()

Protected Member Functions

BOOL AddModem () const
Comparison Compare (const PObject &obj) const
PBYTEArray * FromOutPtyQ ()
virtual ModemThreadChildGetPtyNotifier ()=0
virtual void MainLoop ()=0
virtual BOOL StartAll ()
virtual void StopAll ()
void ToInPtyQ (PBYTEArray *buf)
void ToInPtyQ (const void *buf, PINDEX count)
virtual const PString & ttyPath () const =0
void WaitDataReady ()

Protected Attributes

volatile BOOL childstop
PSyncPoint dataReadySyncPoint
PMutex Mutex
PString ptyname
volatile BOOL stop
BOOL valid

Private Member Functions

void Main ()
 PCLASSINFO (PseudoModemBody, PseudoModem)
void ToPtyQ (const void *buf, PINDEX count, BOOL OutQ)

Private Attributes

const PNotifier callbackEndPoint
PBYTEArrayQ inPtyQ
PBYTEArrayQ outPtyQ
PString route

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file pmodemi.h.

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