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T38Engine Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  {
  diagOutOfOrder = 0x01, diagDiffSig = 0x04, diagBadFcs = 0x08, diagNoCarrier = 0x10,
  diagError = 0x80
enum  {
  dtNone, dtCed, dtCng, dtSilence,
  dtHdlc, dtRaw
enum  { cbpUserDataMod = 255, cbpReset = -1, cbpOutBufEmpty = -2, cbpOutBufNoFull = -3 }

Public Member Functions

 T38Engine (const PString &_name="")
 ~T38Engine ()
void CleanUpOnTermination ()
void SetRedundancy (int indication, int low_speed, int high_speed)
void SetOldASN ()
Modem API
BOOL Attach (const PNotifier &callback)
void Detach (const PNotifier &callback)
void ResetModemState ()
BOOL isOutBufFull () const
void SendOnIdle (int _dataType)
BOOL SendStart (int _dataType, int param)
int Send (const void *pBuf, PINDEX count)
BOOL SendStop (BOOL moreFrames, int _callbackParam)
BOOL RecvWait (int _dataType, int param, int _callbackParam)
BOOL RecvStart (int _callbackParam)
int Recv (void *pBuf, PINDEX count)
int RecvDiag ()
BOOL RecvStop ()

Protected Member Functions

BOOL Answer ()
void EncodeIFPPacket (PASN_OctetString &ifp_packet, const T38_IFPPacket &T38_ifp) const
BOOL HandlePacket (const T38_IFPPacket &ifp)
BOOL HandlePacketLost (unsigned nLost)
BOOL Originate ()
int PreparePacket (T38_IFPPacket &ifp, BOOL enableTimeout)

Protected Attributes

int hs_redundancy
int in_redundancy
int ls_redundancy

Private Member Functions

void _ResetModemState ()
BOOL IsT38Mode () const
void ModemCallbackWithUnlock (INT extra)
 PCLASSINFO (T38Engine, OpalT38Protocol)
void SignalOutDataReady ()
void WaitOutDataReady ()
BOOL WaitOutDataReady (const PTimeInterval &timeout)

Private Attributes

DataStream bufOut
int callbackParamIn
int callbackParamOut
PINDEX countOut
int delayRestOut
HDLC hdlcOut
int isCarrierIn
PNotifier modemCallback
BOOL moreFramesOut
PMutex Mutex
PMutex MutexIn
PMutex MutexModem
PMutex MutexModemCallback
PMutex MutexOut
const PString name
int onIdleOut
PSyncPoint outDataReadySyncPoint
int stateIn
volatile int stateModem
int stateOut
T30 t30
volatile BOOL T38Mode
PTime timeBeginOut

Detailed Description

Definition at line 122 of file t38engine.h.

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